Statins vs Diet and Exercise-Find Out Why A Healthy Diet Wins Everytime

Statins vs Following a Cholesterol Diet Plan

Eating right will keep your cholesterol in check. Your HDL/LDL ratio will be optimal, and cholesterol won’t cause any of the associated heart problems it has been known to promote when it is out of control.

There are also medications called statins which can be prescribed to get your cholesterol back at a healthy level. Like most medications, they have their pros and cons. So, should you choose statins or a diet plan to lower your cholesterol?

Some people are understandably concerned about taking any type of medication. Medicines often have negative side-effects. You may be familiar with a medication you took in the past causing more problems than the condition you were taking the medication for the first place. As far as diet goes, some people don’t enjoy eating the foods that help regulate a healthy cholesterol level. They prefer many of the foods which send their cholesterol headed in the wrong direction.

For some of the reasons just stated, you may be wondering if you should choose a diet plan or medication to get your cholesterol back in line. Let’s take a look at both of these effective cholesterol treatments in turn.

Controlling Your Cholesterol Through a Proven Diet Plan

This is the choice of many high cholesterol patients. They decide to eat healthier in an attempt to lower their high cholesterol, rather than take some type of drug. They do this for a number of reasons, the previously mentioned unhealthy side-effects being a major consideration much of the time. Eating the foods that promote healthy cholesterol levels also has other, body-wide benefits.

The same foods and beverages which help regulate your cholesterol also lend a lot of positive health benefits. They help you regulate a healthy body weight, you can lose weight if you are overweight or obese, you lower your chances of developing cancers, heart problems and brain-based disorders, and quickly boost the ability of your immune system to fight off infections and disease.

Trade your fast food drive-through eating habits, fried foods and predominantly processed foods for whole grains, fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and berries. Eat more fresh, raw vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water and green tea. Reduce or eliminate entirely the amount of of white flour, sugar and salt you put into your body.

This is a proven diet plan that can lower your cholesterol, improve your health from head to toe, and when combined with regular exercise, leads to plenty of other health benefits as well.

Taking Statins to Regulate a Healthy Cholesterol Level

If your LDL (bad cholesterol) level is excessively high, you may choose statin drugs over diet. This is because healthy doses of statins can dramatically and quickly lower your cholesterol. Used in the short term, statins don’t usually cause a problem in most people. Long-term use can lead to muscle pain and damage, damage to your liver, problems with your mental functioning and increased blood sugar levels that could lead to type 2 diabetes.

Proof That Diet Is As Effective As or Better Than Statins for Lowering High Cholesterol

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has reported what many other global health authorities agree with concerning diet for treating high cholesterol.

“A near-vegetarian diet rich in fiber-filled foods like fruits,
vegetables, whole grains, and beans, was as effective as statin
drugs in reducing LDL cholesterol levels, according to research.”

The choice is yours, and if your cholesterol is exceptionally high, taking statin drugs to lower it quickly may be a smart choice. Then you can simply turn to diet for continued regulation of your cholesterol, choosing positive side-effects rather than negative consequences.

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