OMG! 30% OFF! Shop now to get results! 😲 Sale ends soon #Shorts

OMG! 30% OFF! Shop now to get results! 😲 Sale ends soon #Shorts

LEAN is 1 ❤️
Wow where do I even begin…. Let’s start at the beginning shall we (I don’t know how many of you know the true story)
8 years ago, I was living with my sister and brother in-law in North London and I was a full time physio for the NHS. I remember this like it was yesterday… I was sitting across the table from my brother in-law and saying to him, one day I will build a community as big as two of the key people I looked up to in the online fitness world. My goal was to positively impact millions of woman’s lives across the world.
With my brother in-law being a lawyer, he automatically said to me “Well you better buy the domain name now then”.Fast forward 5 years, @leanwithlilly finally had its break, and our YouTube community grew 30k to 3.7million subscribers in the space of 24 months.
It had been so long since we bought that domain name, that I’d even forgotten it’d existed. Sometimes it takes just one person to believe in you in the moments you don’t believe in yourself.
Familia, it is YOU who have made this dream a reality. Over the last year we have seen the launch of Alex and I’s baby LEAN grow from strength to strength, our number 1 ranked fitness app, and LEAN foods, our supplement line… and it’s only just the beginning. I am so beyond proud of the community we have built together and I believe our strongest superpower lies in the empathy and support that we women in this community show each other every single day.
As a huge thank you to celebrate LEANs first birthday, we have launched our BIGGEST ever sale. 30% off everything site wide!

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